Japan Airline Championship PGA Champions Tour in Japan

PGA Champions tour,Japan Airline Championship is open to Japan with the first game of PGA Champions tour in Japan from 8 Sept to 10 (Sunday)

Before their game , they had a courtesy visit to the Prime Minister, Sinzo Abe , Don of Japan’s Liberal Democratic party. Abe asked Tom Watson to know ‘ how he can make the skill up in Golfing ‘ and played 27 holes with President USA Trump when he visited While House.


トムワトソン、ジョンデリー、ジェイハース、ラニーネルソンらの顔も見える。いよいよ、日本で初開催のゲーム、世界のゴルフ界をリードしてきた超有名な選手ばかりだ。また、日本に久しぶりに帰ってきたトッドハミルトンやカルロスフランコなどがいる。Two giants Todd  Hamilton and Carlos Franco came back home after a long time away as very special successful professionals.Okerinsai  !!!


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